Terms and Conditions

Consent to processing of personal data for recruitment and selection purposes

I hereby expressly and unequivocally consent to Novabase Neotalent processing my personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Provide job opportunities, this includes sending your CV to Novabase Neotalent customers and keeping you informed of future job opportunities by email, telephone, post and/or other communication methods;
  2. Assist you in finding jobs that suit your profile;
  3. Initiate the hiring process with our HR (should it occur);
  4. Assess your suitability as a candidate and your qualifications for the role;
  5. Perform data analysis when analyzing the candidate’s suitability for the opportunity;
  6. Assess individual performance and capabilities, including scores on job-related competencies;
  7. Identify skills development needs;
  8. Use information related to the suitability of individuals to opportunities;
  9. Analyze pipeline data (trends in hiring practices);
  10. Develop, test and improve our website, or other systems/processes we have or may create, to improve the way we provide our services;
  11. Carry out statistical analysis, for example, to assess the effectiveness of our service delivery to candidates and clients;
  12. We may also use your contact details for marketing purposes, for example via email, messaging or telephone.

Novabase Neotalent may collect the following types of personal information (where permitted by law and where necessary):

Name, date and place of birth, contact details, qualifications (education, training courses, internships), documents proving your identity and any other information you have mentioned in your CV, criminal background check, assessment results and others;

Information provided about your career interests and other information about your qualifications for employment, including for recruitment reference purposes;

Your feedback about us and our services, through satisfaction surveys;

Information about your use of our websites and portals, including (without limitation) your IP address, browser, date and time, location, logs and other communication data. This information will allow us to manage our platforms more effectively.

Collection of information for marketing and statistical purposes.

Data processing may be carried out by a reputable service provider contracted by Novabase Neotalent. Said service provider will exclusively process the data for the purposes established by Novabase Neotalent and in compliance with the instructions issued by it, strictly complying with the legal rules on personal data protection, information security and other applicable rules.

Novabase Neotalent may at times assist your decision making based on automated systems/processes to provide you and our customers with the contracted services. For example, when we are looking for candidates to allocate to our projects, in order to compile a shorter list, we can search our candidate lists using automated processes, which will take into account availability, skills, remuneration and other criteria relevant to the project. This allows you to identify the candidates most likely to meet the project requirements.

Novabase Neotalent may also share my personal data between Novabase Group companies for the purposes indicated above. Novabase Neotalent will process the data within the European Economic Area (EEA). In the event that Novabase Neotalent has to transfer your data to countries outside the EEA, it will only do so to countries that the European Commission believes offer you an adequate level of protection.

Mine personal data is kept for a period of 5 years or for as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations of Novabase Neotalent. The entity responsible for data processing is Novabase Neotalent, which can be contacted at Av. D. João II, n.º 34, Lisboa or by e-mail info@novabase.pt.

I am aware that, while personal data subject, I can exercise the right of accessThe right to restriction, rectification or erasure of my data, as well as the right to limitation and portability of my data, with the limitations provided for in the applicable legislation, upon written request to be sent via e-mail to data.privacy@neotalent.pt. I can also revoke this consent via the email address data.privacy@neotalent.pt. I understand that I still have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

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