This is the way. The inevitable transformation of talent management

Iscte Business School is a public institution founded in 1972. As a leading Portuguese Business School, it offers a full range of degrees – Bachelors, Masters and research degrees – covering the main areas of management and involving more than 3.000 students. This is a School with a growing international reputation, offering a high-quality education. The faculty is recognised for both for its dedication to teaching as well as world-leading research. With articles published in the most distinguished journals, our teaching staff have made significant contributions to the management field and can boast of years of experience bringing cutting edge knowledge to the classroom.

Our programmes make full use of our long experience with, and close connections to, the business world. ISCTE Business School has a vast network of international partnerships, affiliations and accreditations. We have student and staff exchange agreements with more than 130 institutions worldwide. We offer joint graduate programmes with many international partners, often resulting in dual or double degrees.

ISCTE Business School is located in the heart of Lisbon, one of the safest and most affordable capitals in Europe as well as being one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Both Lisbon and Portugal have a vibrant tourism industry, world leaders, not only in numbers but also in terms of development, innovation and creativity – qualities we emphasize in our programmes.

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A Conclusion, empresa de transformação de negócios e prestador de serviços de Tecnologias de Informação (TI), chegou a um acordo com a Novabase para a aquisição da Neotalent, empresa portuguesa especializada no recrutamento e prestação de serviços na área de TI.
This is a recording of the symposium "Recruitment and selection: Using machine learning and psychometrics to pick the best talents" led by Dr. Jorge Sinval (William James Center for Research, ISPA-IU & Business Research Unit, Iscte, Lisbon, Portugal) held as part of the EAPA digital series 2021 on May 27th 2021.
Let's discuss how emerging technologies, such as AI and Blockchain, can help solve the challenges facing recruitment and talent management, as well as ethical and data protection issues that are arisen by this kind of technology.

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This is the way. The inevitable transformation of talent management