Companies and Flexi-Ability

Discover the revolution of work flexibility, from traditional models to post-pandemic remote working. Explore the adoption in Portugal, especially in the IT industry, and learn about Neotalent’s strategies to promote employee satisfaction. The future is flexible, and we are ready to evolve!

Nearshore in Portugal: ephemeral trend or one that is here to stay?

Explore the growing trend of nearshore outsourcing in Portugal, a strategic choice for IT services and software development. Discover the country’s appeal, including cultural proximity, operational efficiency, financial savings, and scalability. Amid global challenges, Portugal stands out thanks to key factors such as tax incentives, the four-day workweek, AI-driven startups, and the rise of Robotics and Automation.

Diversity in the world of work and IT

In June 1969 – exactly 54 years ago – in the United States of America, the LGBT community rebelled against heavy police oppression that limited their rights.

10 key social skills for the future

Technical skills remain essential when seeking and selecting new professional opportunities. However, social skills are increasingly gaining ground in recruitment processes.

Diversity management is not optional

In this article, we reflect on the importance of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, contextualizing them in what is the reality of the work ecosystem.

Why should a leader have empathy?

In this article, we define empathy and delve into why this soft skill is crucial for successful leadership. Learn how we can become more empathetic (and better) leaders.

(Over)Living in the Age of Talent

Much has been said about talent in recent years. Sometimes as a synonym for human capital or human resources; other times as a set of almost ‘magical’ skills that transform those who possess them into elite professionals.

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