Employer Branding: When the Organization Appears as One Person

IT workers are fundamental to almost all organizations. Yet, the successful
retention of IT workers is difficult, since the job market is full of opportunities for this
type of workers.

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A Conclusion, empresa de transformação de negócios e prestador de serviços de Tecnologias de Informação (TI), chegou a um acordo com a Novabase para a aquisição da Neotalent, empresa portuguesa especializada no recrutamento e prestação de serviços na área de TI.
Iscte Business School is a public institution founded in 1972. As a leading Portuguese Business School, it offers a full range of degrees – Bachelors, Masters and research degrees – covering the main areas of management and involving more than 3.000 students.
This is a recording of the symposium "Recruitment and selection: Using machine learning and psychometrics to pick the best talents" led by Dr. Jorge Sinval (William James Center for Research, ISPA-IU & Business Research Unit, Iscte, Lisbon, Portugal) held as part of the EAPA digital series 2021 on May 27th 2021.

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Employer Branding: When the Organization Appears as One Person