How to Manage Talent Post-Pandemic

The challenges of attracting, retaining and managing tech talent in an imminently complex and competitive landscape

In this article, we talk about the main criteria for assessing career opportunities in IT, and how they influence attracting, retaining and managing talent.

How to attract the best talent post-pandemic

Finding, attracting and managing the best IT specialists is a challenging task. Registered demand is reaching unprecedented levels and professionals in the field have many opportunities to choose from.

When looking for your dream job, they are There are several factors that influence the IT professional’s decision. So it is important to understand what their preferences are and how we can attract them to be part of our business and our team. It’s all about what you value. But what is it anyway?

Being part of a team

The team is one of the most valued factors for the candidate. Offering you the chance to be part of a team of tech talent where everyone is unique is a key attraction for any organization. Together and in close collaboration, the professionals of the specialty obtain performances that enable high levels of productivity and performance to be achieved. In this way, we better promote our projects and provide a better service to our customers.

Have attractive salary conditions

Remuneration plays an equally important role in attracting talent, which should be paid according to market value. Salaries need to be appropriate to the roles they perform and should reflect the quality of the talent, the technological complexity of the projects they are involved in, and their viability. Without competitive pay, attracting or retaining talent becomes almost impossible.

Have a formal career plan

The Career Plan, a tool for managing career levels, is another attractiveness factor. It allows consultants, from zero to the top of their career, to know which technical and social skills they should invest in or develop to progress within their teams and company.

At Neotalent, we have a meritocracy-based policy that rewards performance and unique development with training opportunities (such as seminars, online training platforms and specific certifications).

Growing up in an enabling culture

One of the things we focus on in our company culture is diversity. We find that a working environment made up of people with different backgrounds provides a space for sharing ideas and knowledge. Being always up to date, learning and evolving continuously is one of the maxims we promote.

The foundation of Neotalent’s culture is our values, beliefs and behaviors. Values cannot be imposed; we are challenged to make them a way of life, an identity and a way of belonging. We believe in a sharing environment where the success of one is the success of all. The enthusiasm we put into our challenges means that we develop our projects with passion. We know what we do, what we want, and where we are going.

Working with technology

Technology is a key element of our business and another attractive factor in attracting and retaining talent. We work with cutting-edge technology, which gives professionals the opportunity to learn, develop and consolidate their technological skills in attractive projects in the most diverse sectors of activity, in large and medium-sized companies.

Technology allows us to bring the best experts in the IT fields to Neotalent. The best make the difference and create a very attractive company image. It is therefore a virtuous circle: talent attracts talent.

Technological tools combined with workplace flexibility were already one of Neotalent’s greatest assets before the pandemic, and will continue to be a differentiating factor with room for progression against the competition.

How to retain and manage talent post-pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has upended many of these assumptions, forcing companies to reprioritize. Agility, digital transformation, social distancing and remote working have become unavoidable challenges, regardless of the size, budget or preparedness of companies, forcing IT leaders to look for alternatives to face the new reality.

A new force of talent is emerging that we – companies and managers – must learn to manage from a distance. We need to take an innovative stance, give consultants more autonomy, more flexible working hours and a better work-life balance. We need to provide them with tools with bandwidth that allow them to perform tasks without technical interruptions and training platforms, as well as self-learning models to boost productivity.

Looking to the future

Flexibility, remote talent or hybrid models are arguments to attract the new IT force. Companies that do not introduce these changes, coupled with a clear purpose, will become less attractive and lose competitiveness. The only way to avoid this is by adapting to the new reality and implementing a new people-focused talent management model.

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