Neotalent launches second edition of “Refer a Talent” initiative

  • After the first edition in 2020, the program dedicated to attracting talent in the IT field is again open to the public;
  • Those who recommend the person hired will receive up to €1,000 in gift cards, double the amount awarded in the first edition.

Neotalent, a Novabase Group company dedicated to recruiting and matching talent in Information Technology (IT), has just launched the second edition of the “Refer a Talent” recommendation program. After its debut in 2020 and in the middle of the pandemic period, the initiative is once again open to the public and, this time, with a prize double the previous value. References for IT professionals can now be submitted via the website from Neotalent.

The initiative aims to increase the attraction of new talent for job opportunities in technology and allows anyone to recommend friends or colleagues with technical and/or functional profiles linked to this area. If the referred person is hired, and after an integration period of 3 months, the referrer receives € 1,000 (one thousand euros) in gift card, double the amount awarded in the first edition.

Since the launch of the program in 2020, Neotalent has received over 100 applications for the external program (“Refer a Talent”) and 405 for the equivalent program for the Neotalent community (“Refer a Friend”). In this 2nd edition of the “Refer a Talent” program, the company expects to double the number of applications.

How to participate in Refer a Talent?

After identifying one or more professional friends or colleagues with the right interest and profile for Neotalent’s needs, the referrer should share the CV via the form available on the initiative’s website or send an email directly to Once this phase is completed, all participants will be notified of the status of the application and its progress. For the proposal to be accepted, the referrer must not have had contact with Neotalent in the last six months, nor must they be an existing partner or customer of the company.

Candidates can join any of the Novabase Group companies, and the references identified are valid for national and/or international projects taking place from Portugal, but also for Spain, where Neotalent has a permanent team. This edition of the program runs until the end of 2022.

“Most of us have heard the phrase ‘I know someone who would be ideal for that role’, and it’s based on that idea that we believe we can make a difference in the recruitment process and identify the right talent for the right challenge, in order to more easily and effectively find the people with fit for the more than 250 opportunities we have open”, says Susana Correia, Head of Talent Acquisition at Neotalent. “It is increasingly important for organizations to have the ability to get closer to people and also to reinvent themselves when it comes to their talent recruitment and retention strategies. After the success of the first edition of the ‘Refer a Talent’ program, we decided to open the doors of this initiative again, further rewarding spontaneous referrals, in the search for the right skills to meet our customers’ technological challenges.”

The “Refer a Talent” program is a complementary solution in the strategy to reverse the tech talent shortage trend and reach top candidates with relevant experience in the field who are not always actively seeking employment. The initiative works as a friend or colleague referral program, rewarding the referral of new talent that fits the recruitment needs for national and international projects of Neotalent’s clients.

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Neotalent launches second edition of “Refer a Talent” initiative
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