Neotalent marks 25 years with launch of Talent Management platform using Blockchain and AI

  • Digital Talent Ecosystem (DTE) represents a transformation in the talent market.
  • Artificial Intelligence e Blockchain boost matching between companies and candidates
  • Agility and transparency are added value of the platform

Lisbon, February 27, 2023 Neotalent, a Novabase Group company specialized in recruiting and providing services in the Information Technology area, presents a new management platform that revolutionizes hiring in the Information Technology sector. DTE (Digital Talent Ecosystem) is an online platform that aims to transform career management, as well as the supply and demand dynamics of IT professionals, using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

The ETD aims to digitizing the talent market and the interaction between its various stakeholders – from professionals, recruiters, employers and talent supply companies to education and training providers -. making the most of technology to improve the experience of all players in the recruitment and people development processlinking them through a common ecosystem. The platform features a set of innovative functionalities for selecting, assessing and recommending talent for specific opportunities, provides support for career progression, and a system for collecting, recording and safeguarding curricular and professional information.

Technology is increasingly central and decisive to companies’ business success and the demand for professionals with digital skills has escalated. Today’s challenge is complex – finding the right person for each challenge, at the right time. And the answer lies in a deep knowledge of the recruitment market, the culture of companies and a strong commitment to selection techniques and talent matching. The technology behind this new platform will speed up this whole process“, says Paulo Ribeiro de Almeida, Head of Innovation & Transformation at Neotalent. We have been investing heavily in innovation, with a disruptive and innovative approach to attract and retain the best talent to suit the needs of more ambitious projects. This platform will help businesses find the candidates with the best fit based on various inputs – technical requirements, project and consultant or team characteristics, client culture , among others. In the month in which we celebrate 25 years of activity, we assume our ambition: we want to contribute to the transformation of the Iberian recruitment market , he concludes.

Managing business, people and clients for 25 years, Neotalent has over the years adjusted its approach and offer to the evolution of trends, the market and the professionals themselves. The company wants to continue to create the right conditions and environment to develop IT professionals and ensure the best talent for organizations, and the DTE provides that answer:

  • An ecosystem that brings together different stakeholders of the tech talent market.
  • Professionals now have their own career management tool.
  • Recruiters and talent managers find support in recruitment, selection and team management.
  • Companies gain a new channel for accessing, validating and managing talent.

The DTE platform is part of Neotalent’s innovation and transformation journey. It is a Research and Development project co-financed by the Lisboa 2020 program, Portugal 2020 and the European Union, through FEDER, which counts on the participation of ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN).

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Neotalent marks 25 years with launch of Talent Management platform using Blockchain and AI
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