IT recruitment and services company invested €40,000 in programs that enabled the hiring of 37 new professionals.

Neotalent, a Novabase Group company specialized in recruiting technological talent, hired 37 professionals in 2022 through its Refer a Friend and Refer a Talent referral programs. Initiatives offering rewards of €1,000 per hire saw €40,000 invested last year.

The recruitment strategy by rewarding good references is divided into these two programs, with Refer a Friend being dedicated to employees and Refer a Talent being open to the general public. Participation is simple, just identify an Information Technology (IT) professional and send your resume or Linkedin profile via email or the form available on the initiative’s website. For employees, the process is even simpler as they can refer through a specific channel.

The first edition, which took place in 2021, had a reward of €500 per hire, but it was in 2022, with the reward reaching €1,000, that the programs obtained almost three thousand applications, representing a 30-fold increase in membership compared to the same period last year.

Susana Correia, head of Talent Acquisition at Neotalent, underlines the “significant increase in adherence to the program” which in 2021 had already made it possible to hire 11 people and in 2022 allowed the entry of 37 new technological talents.

The company’s head of talent acquisition reveals that after the “extremely positive” results of the second edition, Neotalent decided to extend the programs until the end of 2023, with the goal “to reach 50 hires through referrals”.

The war for talent

Motivating and retaining talent is a priority for any organization, but the challenge reaches even greater proportions in the area of Information Technology, where the shortage of specialized professionals forces to rethink policies and working models.

The consolidation of Portugal as a hub for technological talent has been both “opportunity and threat”, with IT professionals being coveted by national companies, but also by organizations from all over Europe and the rest of the world, explains Susana Correia.

In order to “win” the war for talent, Neotalent has taken advantage of the potential of digital channels to do the opposite: recruit professionals from other geographies who want to come to Portugal or who are willing to work remotely for clients across Europe.

And because after attracting talent it is necessary to retain it, the company is positioning itself in favor of hybrid work and uses internal programs to create career opportunities and promote the professional development of all employees, allowing them to challenge themselves with new customers, projects or technologies.

In Susana Correia’s perspective, programs focused on retention are “fundamental to reducing turnover” and she is convinced that people must feel the company’s involvement in the development of their career and their well-being.

Carla Alves Ribeiro, in Dinheiro Vivo

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