Neotalent rewards hiring candidates by recommendation

  • With the launch of the 2nd edition of the referral programs in 2022, the company hires 37 new professionals;
  • With the doubling of the prize amount to €1,000, take-up was 30 times higher.

Neotalent, a Novabase Group company specializing in the recruitment and provision of
services in the area of Information Technology, reinforced in 2022 the two programs of
technology talent referrals – Refer a Friend and Refer a Talent -, rewarding 1,000
euros the right recommendations from professionals to hire.
In early 2022, Neotalent launched the 2nd edition of the programs (for internal and external audiences).
external), doubling the amount of the reward – which was €500 until then. According to
The total investment in this initiative amounted to 40 thousand euros.
Refer a Talent is Neotalent’s referral program open to the general public. On
under this program, who recommends an Information Technology professional who
is subsequently hired by Neotalent, you will receive a prize of 1,000 euros. With
almost 3,000 applications received throughout 2022, the uptake of this program was 30
times higher than in the first edition.

In turn, Refer a Friend, a referral program exclusively for Neotalent employees,
achieved an unprecedented success rate. Around one in two applicants
recommended by other employees of the company were eventually selected,
These referrals resulted in a total of 27 hires.
“The new edition of these programs has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the team, which once again
time has surpassed itself and exceeded all expectations”, comments Susana Correia, Head of Talent
Acquisition of Neotalent. “Since the pandemic, Neotalent has been harnessing the potential of the
digital channels to reach people and speed up recruitment. This new context has blurred

Neotalent, a NOVABASE company | Av. D. João II, n.º 34, Parque das Nações,1998-031 Lisboa, Portugal
frontiers, reinventing the way we communicate and the way we work, and that has allowed us to reach
There is a lot of new talent, especially international talent. These referral programs had
extremely positive results that have allowed us to reach professionals who are, in fact, of
otherwise we would not have access.”

The IT sector is known for its competitiveness in attracting talent, in response to the growing demand for talent.
need to hire professionals in the field. In this sense, companies are looking for
stand out with increasingly effective and efficient recruitment strategies.

Susana Correia reinforces the reason for investing in referral programs: “In the case of Refer a
Friend, the in-house program, has demonstrated that our employees are our
key ambassadors. By having networks of common interests, they have the ability to attract
friends and acquaintances better than anyone else. In addition, they are knowledgeable about the reality and the
Neotalent culture, and that has a lot of impact on career decisions.” The Head of Talent
Neotalent’s Acquisition adds that “on the other hand, it has been proven that it is possible to blur
borders – we can attract people from across the world to come and work.
with us. The Refer a Talent program helped us a lot to reach international references,
that have enhanced learning about these new geographies that, until then, were not
exploited by us.”

She also concludes that “to achieve a relevant number of hires through
of these programs, we need to reach a lot of people and generate a significant amount of feedback.
applications. By November 2022, we have completed 37 hires through these
programs, which represented about 10% of Neotalent’s total annual hires.
By 2023, we want to surpass the 50-hire barrier.”
Neotalent will keep both programs active in 2023 to reach more talent,
inside and outside Portugal, in search of the right skills to meet the challenges of the future.
technology of its customers in different sectors of activity and geographies.

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Neotalent rewards hiring candidates by recommendation
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